Ignoring of Red or the Police 5-10%
Gross Contempt of priority rules 5-10%
Insufficient traffic observation while changing lane 1-5%
Turning left into the oncoming traffic 5-10%
Failure when getting into the right lane 1-5%
Endangering or harming 5-10%
Lack of reaction with children, people in need, and elderly people 1-10%
Ignoring of traffic signs 1-10%
Insufficient traffic observation when starting, exiting, changing lane, turning off, reversing 1-5%
Misfit the speed on highway, city, bus stop 1-5%
Errors of keeping distance 1-10%
Not beeing prepared to step on the brakes 1-5%
Disregarding the right driving rule 1-10%
Failure when turning off 1-10%
Hesitating on crossroads and junctions 1-5%
No indicater when changing lane,turning off,pulling out and starting 1-5%
Mistake when overtaking or be overtaken 1-10%
No awareness of ecologically and economic driving style 1-5%
Mistakes at the handling of the vehicle 1-5%
Mistakes at the basic driving tasks 1-5%
Mistakes at the departure control, handlings 1-5%
Mistakes at connecting and disconnecting vehicles 1-5%

The Test:
The Possibility to figure out if you are prepared for the driving test is working when you are
roughly concluded the training and have a basis of 100% as it is the reserves for
the driving test. Is the driving student is having a mistake, one have to deduct in
accordance with the percentage.
One have to add up the deficit-percentage and can calculate how many lessons should be

Example: You have had 20 Training sessions already, which is staying for 100%.
When you have a deficit of 30%, it is according to 6 lessons (30% of 20 lessons).
That’s it.





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