Go to party, but without a car!

According to the Federal Statistical Office, every inhabitant of Germany consumes the equivalent of 10 liters of pure alcohol per year.

(15 years or older)
Because of the fact that consumption of alcohol is by and large acceptable on 

many events, we should deal more consciously with it.

Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is not only dangerous for ourselves but also for others.

Incidentally, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is measured in parts per mille (in 1000). 1 per mille alcohol is therefore 1 g pure alcohol / 1000 g blood.

Probationary period 0.0 ‰ limit: 

For all novice drivers in the probationary time (2 years) and young drivers up to the age of 21

alcohol is prohibited.

Violation is punished with a fine, an order for a special seminar and points.

0.3 ‰ BAC

This limit is called relative unfitness to drive because it depends on

signs of failure of the driver. For example, the driver of a vehicle is driving wavy lines or 

is driving particularly slow. In that case or other different mistakes in the traffic

can lead to a conviction for drunk driving (§316 StGb)( german Penal Code)

or for endangering the Road traffic (§315c StGb) come. 

Depending on whether the event becomes a concrete

hazard or an accident.

0.5 ‰ BAC:

Anyone who drives a vehicle on the road and has 0.5 per mille or more alcohol in their blood commits an administrative offence, even the person in question is roadworthy. 

In the event of inability ( errors in the driving ) to drive, the above applies.

1.1 ‰ BAK:

With this blood alcohol concentration, you are considered absolutely unfit to drive and you

make itself liable to prosecution (§316 StGb) in the event of an accident or near-accident

§ 315c of the German Penal Code applies (endangering the road traffic) .

Attention Cyclists !

In settled case law, courts today generally assume a limit of 1.6 ‰. Anyone who rides a bike drunk and is caught with 1.6 per thousand alcohol or more can lose their car driver’s license. 

It will be considered as absolutely unfit to drive.

Every year at least 300 people are killed on the road because of alcohol.

Therefore, you should remember certain rules of conduct:

Never drive the vehicle to parties where it is clear in advance that

alcohol will be drunk.

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